My Fiance Wont Pay For My Breast Implants 3/5 (1)

Hello Nurse Betty,


Please post my letter. I need advice from your readers, so that I don’t go mental.

Thanks in AdvanceJ)


Like some women who are engaged, I asked my man for my wedding gift early. Yes, I want larger breasts so that I look fabulous in my wedding gown. Krys refused, he feels that Im just competing with other women in Miami—which anyone on any day can walk down any street and every other woman had a boob job, everyone is like forever size “C” totally! He thinks it’s better to have that extra money for spending a full month in Germany [where his family is from] instead of 10 days, but we are planning on going to Germany again for New Years and a whole month of skiing at his parents lodge in the mountains [ his parents own a small ski resort].

our honeymoon
German Alps or Miami breast implants

I don’t understand what the fuss is about. WE GET MARRIED ONCE but we can always travel in the future. I know it is our honeymoon , but isn’t ten days enough to meet his extended family who we will see again 6 months later? Am I crazy for wanting to look absolutely gorgeous on our wedding day

prewedding breasts
perfect miami breast implants for my prewedding present

and every day after that? Please advise anyone out there , our wedding might not happen because of this, he has all the money. I’m just a cashier at Walmart.. 






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Seriously How Old Is Too Old For Your Child To Still Be Breast Feeding or What’s Wrong With America 5/5 (3)

older children can be breast fed

The other day, I saw a a mother and child playing in the park , when after 30 minutes of reading my morning newspaper, she sat across from me about 20 yards on another park bench and the her son –who I assume was about 3 years old maybe 2 years minimum sat beside her unbuttoned her blouse and she helped him to breast feed. SHOCKED! I had never seen this here in America , I had read about Swedish mothers breast feeding their kids even up to age 4. But for me, I put the age maximum limit [culturally speaking] should be 1 year or 1 year and a half..but Christ ! as soon as your kid starts speaking! Speaking real thoughts, I think it’s time to stop breast feeding.

todler breast feeding
breast feeding a todler


I admit , we Americans had a morality issue with seeing a woman breast feed in public…on a subconscious level, we might be thinking that the “intimate” relationship between mother and child is sacred enough to have boundaries after a child reaches a certain age…at which point seeing a mother breast feed a walking and talking child appears to weird us out, if not downright make us feel we are witnessing something along the lines of amoral pleasure that the child and or the mother is receiving “pleasure” from the act of breast feeding. You can read more about this from another article I found on the internet , so, read more here. I had to think about this for a long time before writing to Nurse Betty about this. I had to sit down with a few Martinis and soften up my close friends to talk about women’s breast feeding….not a real manly topic you introduce among your circle of football loving, bare-knuckle, sandbag punching construction worker friends. But this how I popped the topic last Monday night football meet up.. all my bro’s know my wife got breast implants so I talked about breast feeding as if my wife had brought up the topic with me first….about breast feeding after pregnancy because we are planning to have another baby . Actually, it was a scenario my friends had witnessed at different points in their own lives. For example one friend—my best friend, has a sister that breast fed her daughter up to age 3!

older daughter breast fed

And my other friend admitted that his own mother told him he was breast fed up to age 4 because he had a sickness when he was younger that left his immune system so weak. So, I guess there are some health benefits to being breast fed beyond the “baby” range of 1 year. My third friend at the end of the beer induced conversation [ not that beer is some sort of truth syrum ] but he admitted that he even tasted some of his wife’s breast milk out of pure curiosity and claimed it tasted thick and sweet….strange he never told me before, and even stranger why I never experimented and tasted my wife’s breast milk when we had our first child. I guess I’ll have to wait until she is pregnant again to find out for myself.


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Your Career Relationships After Breast Implants and Dealing With Haters 4.4/5 (5)

how to check haters

Breast implants have improved my income , romance and unfortunately created fierce competitors at my political consulting agency- which I won’t mention in this article. My job requires that I try and gain interview access with some very powerful and intellectually brilliant men not just in America but also in South America. I can spend 2 to 3 months in a Miami–doing basically nothing, working from headquarters preparing reports, client presentations–then at a moments notice fly off to Brazil to help local politicians influence trade policy communication with our American government.

Brazil has a major influence on Miami beauty

 During the latest presidential campaign here in the United States . I worked every day except New Years  Christmas  and My birthday! make a long story short, I made about $315,000 in consulting fees and bonuses . I was given a two month vacation from March to April 30th and in that time i disappeared in order to undergo a series of plastic surgery procedures to improve my average Southern college girl looks.

beauty bonusMy boss gave me a $15,000 cash bonus in an envelope and ordered me to get rest,  a sun tan, dye my blonde hair darker ,  enlarge my breasts and buy better clothes.  At first for 10 seconds I was insanely insulted and I wanted to smash my coffee cup against his bald head..but then the $15k in my hand neutralised my anger. But he was absolutely correct.  Without make-up I was still the best looking woman on our team and there were 4 of us,  However, I needed to circulate closer and ever closer to very wealthy social  “clubs”-as I call them.  Oil executives–that’s one club. ..military contractors–another club, ..major food exporters–yet another club and all of these people dress like a million dollars and I do in fact look under-dressed for any occasion. I look like the “help”.

But during my two month vacation , I had my breasts enlarged to a “C” cup, did it right here in Miami. I had my honey blonde hair dyed brunette and a series of face-peels and skin rejuvenation therapies to make my face and neck look ten years younger.

Needless to say, when I did return to the office 2 months later all hell broke loose! The security guard would not let me in –he didn’t recognise me at first.

My male colleagues were pleased in the most political correct way they could be without directly  “harassing me”. Bur my 3 female colleagues  had nothing positive to say or  show me. Basically –women are the worst critics of other women–they acted like real bitches the first week.  They found out that my boss had given me extra money specifically for breast implants.


to be continued. . .

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Saline Or Silicone Breast Implants 5/5 (2)

saline or silicone implants

Silicone implants of the latest generation, are more reliable than previous generations, the risks of damage to the shell casing are considerably minimized.


Saline implants

These implants received their name because of the filler – a saline solution, i.e. a solution of sodium chloride. Saline implants have gained great popularity in the US, when a ban on silicone breast prostheses was introduced there.

saline c-cup size
perfect softness and form with breast implants

Differences between silicone and salt implants:

Silicone implants look very natural and soft to the touch when compared with salt.

Saline breast implant

Saline implant for breast

Saline implants are cheaper in comparison with silicone implants.

The silicone implant is less wrinkled and ripples are formed less often, it allows patients with small breasts to prosthetize it over the muscle. Salt is also suitable for patients who have a large mass of breast.

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The New Face Of Miami Plastic Surgery 5/5 (1)

miami plastic surgery

She is age 30, white , single and desires to completely transform her beauty in order to change her fate…her happiness in life. And what is happiness? –A new career or job, or better yet to catch the heart of a valuable man who can provide for her every need.

However, her beauty standard is a new generation of cultural identity ; a mix of desirable ethnic features-Brazillian, African and Asian..

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Breast Implants and Medical Board Certification of Surgeons 5/5 (2)

medical board certification

Breast Implant surgeons in Miami can be distinguished by their years in practice, living testimonials and the professional qualifications as plastic surgeons–namely the Medical Boards” -a difficult and standard bearing exam that clarifies wether or not a doctor really knows his speciality. 

read more here

Some of your plastic surgeons in Miami earned their medical degrees in other foreign countries, however they still had to pass medical board certification. Contact the American Board of Physician Specialities to discuss the qualifications of your potential Miami plastic surgeon.

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Plastic Surgery And Christian Values 5/5 (3)

Plastic surgery  for some faithful christians in Miami Florida is a spiritually and morally conflicting decision. Considering what the bible infers about respecting our bodies as God had created us and not desecrating  his perfection.  In my opinion, Plastic surgery is not a sin by far, considering that during Medieval times [ which lasted between the 5th and 14th centuries]  a period of time that was fiercely religious–european women were still seeking the assistance  of “health experts” to conjure-up creams for removing warts and lightening the skin. Still, the medically assisted transformation of one’s physical beauty since centuries past–has had no real conflict with religious scholars and leaders. 

I grew up in a mostly Jewish community and when I was a teenager in the 1980’s it was common  for both the Catholic girls and the Jewish girls to get rhinoplasty surgery– “The Sweet 16 Nose Job” as some sort of American constitutional birthright. Needless to say, all the Catholic boys dated us Jewish girls, some even married–including myself.  Thanks to plastic surgery, I married my husband now a 30 year veteran of NASA’s legal department.

miami plastic suregons


I don’t think God will punish me for my own breast reduction operation I had 4 years ago, my back was killing me because I was so large. Many Florida women will agree with me; looking beautiful and feeling emotionally satisfied that we are healthier is not a sin. What he might be disappointed about is that I lied to my husband how much it costed.:)) But I  financed it and it came around to about $30 dollars a week.  So, don’t feel guilty morally about having plastic surgery, but if you are, we also give you moral support to make the decision and transform your wellbeing –inside and out. Call Us!


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Miami Liposuction Your Ticket To The Corporate Boardroom in Florida 5/5 (3)

miami plastic surgeons

Miami Florida corporations these days are establishing younger and ever younger directors for their corporate boardrooms.  Plastic surgery , specifically —liposuction and a regime of exercise combined with diet can make boardroom promotion more likely for middle-aged men with the classical “beer-gut” or “pot-belly”. miami plastic surgeons

Florida healthy lifestyle culture is not unique just to Miami. Across the United States many young corporations [technology in particular] have established board members who are in their late 30’s and early 40’s.

florida boardroom teambuilding

These board directors live an active lifestyle filled with extreme vacations and rigorous corporate team building sports like soccer, basketball , scuba diving and even mountain climbing!. A middle-aged man in his 50’s with slightly overweight or considerably overweight profile often are passed-over for boardroom promotion because they will not be able to physically participate in the team-building that is designed to reinforce loyalty and life-long friendships.

Even the wives of Florida corporate board members are in great physical health and have active lifestyles.

healthy miami corporate wives

 The wives of these board members also have their own “clique”. The entire corporate boardroom scene in Florida is like high school all over again–but with a serious amount of money. Therefore, the level of promotion analysis enters a personal level; the Chairman of the Board looks at the wife of a potential promotion candidate to see if she  also can fit into the “elite club” of boardroom wives. If she is also physically healthy enough to participate in the social lives of the other corporate board members lives; these remarkable women organise charity events, office parties and even babysit each others children –who often attend the same school; a recommendation from the inner circle can dramatically improve  the social life of the wife in many cases.

In our Miami practice, we understand that many men who finally turn to us to help slim their profile [waist line], it is because they have a long term career plan of living healthier and appearing more younger for possible promotion from a boss who is in most cases 15 years younger than they are.  Miami Plastic Surgeons urge patients that liposuction is great , but not the final solution to improving your health profile. and figure. There should be a solid plan and commitment to redesigning one’s diet and regular exercise. 

If you  or your husband are considering liposuction please contact us , and schedule an honest consultation about how to  slim down your waistline.


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Brazillian Butt Lift in Miami Is It Dangerous 4.67/5 (3)

Brazillian But-Life Miami Plastic Surgeons

There are parts of a woman’s body that for centuries told have always been a fascination of men’s imaginations; her breasts , her hips and her pear shaped rear–or bluntly her buttocks. Miami plastic surgeons , a few of them, have capitalised on the growing need for re-shaping the buttocks of middle aged women to a more youthful round and ethnically desirable “Brazillian butt”: round, protruding just a bit and visually appealing  as a signal of  youth and fertility to men in many cultures around the world.

miami plastic surgeons

However, the month of March 2017 , South Florida witnessed yet another death of a patient due to complications of the named “Brazillian Butt-lift” surgery. The culprit may have been DVT [Deep Vein Thrombosis] read more  from a qualified source , click here => Post-Operation Blood Clots.

blood cells miami plastic surgeons

The South Florida plastic surgery community is still shaken by this tragedy, but it has not stopped the demand for this particular procedure. The deceased patient was somebody’s sister, daughter and girlfriend–she was one of us, just another desperate soul that wanted to look more beautiful and feel proud of herself.  We must always carefully select our plastic surgeons and we must value the patience required to conduct the proper research–due diligence as it were to minimise our medical risks.  God bless and good luck.


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Post Breast Augmentation Do You Need A Compression Bra 4.5/5 (2)

Breast augmentation surgery is rather unique and you should listen to the advice of your doctor. Some doctors strongly recommend wearing a “sports-bra” –some styles specifically referred to as a “medical compression bra”.  Also consider the way silicone and saline implants “adjust” within the body and wear the implant was placed behind the muscle or in front. Many other factors will determine whether a “compression bra” is need for the first week after your surgery.

Often, a three week recovery regime is recommended with follow-up visits to your operating surgeon to review healing or other complications that might occur. There is a growing opinion of plastic surgeons who perform breast surgeries who recommend wearing a very loose bra-perhaps 1 size to 1 1/2 sizes larger than you actually need in order to allow free but controlled movement of your breasts without any bouncing activity. We recommend scheduling a consultation with the best Miami Plastic Surgeons by calling us now at the phone numbers provided on this site.

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